Keeping Your Followers Increase Twitter Likes.

News 10:12 December 2019:

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After securing a good number of followers on Twitter, the focus now shifts to sustain them and keep the numbers going up. That is why you need to engage them on topics that are interesting and not repetitive to annoy them. Their appreciation for the content you are posting is portrayed in the twitter likes they generate. It is important to align the content you are posting with the description you have posted in your bio section. This is where you get to be judged first before a potential follower proceeds to check your timeline. If questions or concerns are raised, make a point to reply accordingly and ask them if they need further clarification. The personal touch attached is what will keep them glued here and tag their friends in your post.

Topics revolving around sex, religion or politics should be avoided at all costs as it can lead to friction among your followers. Such topics generate less Twitter likes as most people avoid engaging in them at all costs. Try and accommodate divergent views as even those, not in the conversation watch from a distance and judge you from your responses.

Three Ways to Attract Twitter Likes.

Are you overwhelmed or stuck on how to go about on Twitter and attract more Twitter likes and followers? If you have a desire to built your Twitter profile and know what to tweet, then this article is for you. Twitter likes if used well by a business person, their benefit can be felt for a very long time in the firm.

The following tips can be used to attract Twitter likes and engage your followers;

Your Twitter Bio.

For success on Twitter, you should set up your account complete with Your Bio and picture. Setting a the Bio and picture creates the first impression, and you should make it count. Other Twitter users will get the impression of whether to like you and follow. Ensure you do the following

o    The photo you use should be the real person. People will easily connect with ‘other people’ on Twitter. Photos will humanize the brand of your company, and you should get a clear and professional headshot.

o    Give real name. Twitter offers two name fields on your profile-The name and username fields. It is good to use your real name in the name field, and a derivative of your name and company under the username field. You should be creative when coming up with the username. The username should be very long.

o    Add your location that is real. Twitter users are likely to connect with people whose locations are known. Your position will increase your chances of connecting with people within your area and earn their likes in the process.

o    The URL to your website. Adding your URL to your profile makes it easy for new followers to know more about you and the company’s brand.

Respond to the Likes

On Twitter, connections and conversations are everything. You should always check for any likes or mentions made of you or the business. Doing this will make you attract quality followers. Take time to check the name of the person who has done the like and engages in the conversation of the like. Thank the person for the like.

Be real and Avoid automating everything

With so many automating tools available that schedule posts, please do not become lazy and leave everything out there. You should follow up the likes and tweets and engage with people in real-time as much as possible. It is good to post an impressive statement or question that will encourage engagement. To show that you are active and real on twitter you should observe the following;

o    Allow a space between your tweets in that you do not make all the tweets at the same time

o    Come back daily to respond to likes or any @mentions

o    Make some of your tweets in real time and do not automate all the tweets.

o    Write thank you tweets to some of the people that follow you. Automating the message may annoy your new followers.

o    To separate you from a bot, you should be checking the profile of individuals who likes you and engage them in real time. Find something about them and keep them engaged.