News 08:07 July 2020:

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Followers can see the people they follow by simply clicking “Following” on their profile or home page. If they don’t want to follow or see tweets from a certain person, they can also go to this page. And if they want to follow a new user, they have four ways to do that. They can follow using the web, they can follow via SMS or text messaging, they can follow using the mobile web, and they can follow using an application that they can download on Google Play for androids and itunes for iOs.

They can follow using the web by simply clicking the user’s name or navigating through the user’s profile. They can click the “Follow” button that is located next to the user’s profile photo. They can also click the “Follow” button next to WHO TO FOLLOW suggestions.

To follow via SMS or text messaging, the user can send a text message with the words Follow_username to Twitter to start following someone who is using mobile phones. The user will then received a confirmation code stating that they are now following that certain person.

To follow via mobile web, the user can type this link on the mobile web browser Or if the user knows the username of the person he or she is trying to follow, the user can type it this way and click “Follow” button.

To follow via an application, the user just need to navigate other user’s profile or search. Once they’ve seen the other user’s profile, Twitter Followers can simply tap the “Follow” button on the user’s profile page.