Getting Snapchat Followers From Same Room.

News 10:12 December 2019:

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Getting more Snapchat followers is now as simple as adding friends you in together in a room. This can be at school, hotel, a bar or restaurant. The struggle of cramming the usernames or mobile phone numbers to use and add friends is now gone. Just follow this simple steps to add friends you within the same room.

First, tap the ghost button located at the top of your Snapchat camera screen and your profile information will be displayed. Tap on the ‘add friends’ menu available in your profile. Proceed to tap on ‘add nearby’ to allow your device detect others using Snapchat nearby. To enable detection,  request the friend you want to add to open the same screen as that of your device. On reaching the ‘add nearby’ screen, their username will appear in your ‘add nearby’ screen.

Finish by tapping on the ‘Add’ or ‘+’ next to the username you located in the room. This new friend will be added to your list of Snapchat followers. Let them add you back to start receiving and sending of snaps between you.