Keeping Your Followers Increase Twitter Likes.

After securing a good number of followers on Twitter, the focus now shifts to sustain them and keep the numbers going up. That is why you need to engage them on topics that are interesting and not repetitive to annoy them. Their appreciation for the content you are posting is portrayed in the twitter likes they generate. It is important to align the content you are posting with the description you have posted in your bio section. This is where you get to be judged first before a potential follower proceeds to check your timeline. If questions or concerns are raised, make a point to reply accordingly and ask them if they need further clarification. The personal touch attached is what will keep them glued here and tag their friends in your post.

Topics revolving around sex, religion or politics should be avoided at all costs as it can lead to friction among your followers. Such topics generate less Twitter likes as most people avoid engaging in them at all costs. Try and accommodate divergent views as even those, not in the conversation watch from a distance and judge you from your responses.

Three Ways to Attract Twitter Likes.

Are you overwhelmed or stuck on how to go about on Twitter and attract more Twitter likes and followers? If you have a desire to built your Twitter profile and know what to tweet, then this article is for you. Twitter likes if used well by a business person, their benefit can be felt for a very long time in the firm.

The following tips can be used to attract Twitter likes and engage your followers;

Your Twitter Bio.

For success on Twitter, you should set up your account complete with Your Bio and picture. Setting a the Bio and picture creates the first impression, and you should make it count. Other Twitter users will get the impression of whether to like you and follow. Ensure you do the following

o    The photo you use should be the real person. People will easily connect with ‘other people’ on Twitter. Photos will humanize the brand of your company, and you should get a clear and professional headshot.

o    Give real name. Twitter offers two name fields on your profile-The name and username fields. It is good to use your real name in the name field, and a derivative of your name and company under the username field. You should be creative when coming up with the username. The username should be very long.

o    Add your location that is real. Twitter users are likely to connect with people whose locations are known. Your position will increase your chances of connecting with people within your area and earn their likes in the process.

o    The URL to your website. Adding your URL to your profile makes it easy for new followers to know more about you and the company’s brand.

Respond to the Likes

On Twitter, connections and conversations are everything. You should always check for any likes or mentions made of you or the business. Doing this will make you attract quality followers. Take time to check the name of the person who has done the like and engages in the conversation of the like. Thank the person for the like.

Be real and Avoid automating everything

With so many automating tools available that schedule posts, please do not become lazy and leave everything out there. You should follow up the likes and tweets and engage with people in real-time as much as possible. It is good to post an impressive statement or question that will encourage engagement. To show that you are active and real on twitter you should observe the following;

o    Allow a space between your tweets in that you do not make all the tweets at the same time

o    Come back daily to respond to likes or any @mentions

o    Make some of your tweets in real time and do not automate all the tweets.

o    Write thank you tweets to some of the people that follow you. Automating the message may annoy your new followers.

o    To separate you from a bot, you should be checking the profile of individuals who likes you and engage them in real time. Find something about them and keep them engaged.



Celebrity Snapchat Accounts to Follow

You’ve probably heard of Snapchat, but do you know how it actually works? Snapchat is a mainstream mobile application that lets it’s users send videos and pictures, which can only be viewed for a matter of seconds. It has taken the world by storm, being the third most popular social media app, according to several research firms. Right now, a lot of people are becoming more obsessed with celebrity snaps and these snapchat followers rate which celebrity is most popular and which one is not.

Here’s a rundown of famous celebrities to follow on Snapchat.

1. Kendall Jenner. The 20 year old fashion model and television personality has become the latest Kardashian to be on Snapchat. Kendall took to her younger sister Kylie’s Snapchat to announce that she has finally joined the Snapchat wagon, and has been very active since her debut.

2. Kylie Jenner. The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters has been known for the outrageous and controversial photos and clips she posts on the mobile app. Last year, she was declared as Queen of Snapchat.

3. Zayn Malik. Fans all over the world have gone insane when former One Direction heart throb

announced that he is finally on Snapchat. Making fans nearly go into cardiac arrest, Zayn made his Snapchat account public last week of January this year, following the debut of his first solo single.

Misconceptions of New Snapchat followers

It is common for masses to believe in some unproven statistics about most apps that they seem unfamiliar with. Snapchat is one such app that has come under a lot of scrutiny by non-believers as well as new users. In practice, Snapchat followers have found it to be a good fit for their personal gains or brands. This article aims at clearing some common myths and misconceptions by non-followers or new Snapchat followers;

It is just an Imitation of other Platforms

People who do not use Snapchat or are still new and curious about it might easily think it is just another avenue where idle and irrational teenagers make regular obscene photos and videos. But the truth is, Snapchat is more than that. This app allows an individual to extend their creativity and interaction through the live video and photo sharing. This has made Snapchat be like a reality TV show where the followers can manage their shows, share stories and arouse the interest of others by providing compelling content. Snapchat followers enjoy the benefit of continuous communication via voice calling, video calls, stickers, comments and more. For today’s generation that is absorbed in need for attention daily, this is the platform for you.

The Disappearing Content is Useless.

It is true, the content disappears immediately after a few seconds, and this is a unique feature of Snapchat that differentiates it from other social platforms. Snapchat followers are provided with content that can satisfy them within such a short period. Since the user knows his brand well, he can post information that is reflective and entertaining which makes a lasting impression on the audience. It is acceptable to post disappearing content, but one should maintain high creativity standards and relevant content. It is possible to check your Snapchats later.

Advertising on Snapchat is Expensive.

Advertising on social media comes at a high cost and paid advertisements on Snapchat has a price tag that is high. But besides that, Snapchat offers a free channel that promotes your brand and business. This platform can be favorable for firms that are small and have a limited budget as it will support campaigns, new products, partnerships, and services without incurring costs of advertising. Products like Pepsi, Walt Disney Studios, and Target have been succeeding on Snapchat with unpaid ads that keep their followers in the know.

I have enough Social Media Accounts

You might have multiple accounts on social media and keep asking if Snapchat is worth to add. But if you realize that your primary audience is on Snapchat, you should consider it. The Snapchat users are more engaged and keep uploading contents continuously. You should take this advantages of the activities on Snapchat to present your brand and keep your Snapchat followers active by your interactive content.

Snapchat is a Teens Thing.

It is false and misleading. Despite teens having come up with it, the app has been tailored to meet the expectations of wider society today. Constant upgrade of content which covers different areas and topics relating to people of different ages has made it more appealing to all.


Getting Snapchat Followers From Same Room.

Getting more Snapchat followers is now as simple as adding friends you in together in a room. This can be at school, hotel, a bar or restaurant. The struggle of cramming the usernames or mobile phone numbers to use and add friends is now gone. Just follow this simple steps to add friends you within the same room.

First, tap the ghost button located at the top of your Snapchat camera screen and your profile information will be displayed. Tap on the ‘add friends’ menu available in your profile. Proceed to tap on ‘add nearby’ to allow your device detect others using Snapchat nearby. To enable detection,  request the friend you want to add to open the same screen as that of your device. On reaching the ‘add nearby’ screen, their username will appear in your ‘add nearby’ screen.

Finish by tapping on the ‘Add’ or ‘+’ next to the username you located in the room. This new friend will be added to your list of Snapchat followers. Let them add you back to start receiving and sending of snaps between you.

Why Monitor Snapchat Views.

Many companies and corporate organizations track snapchat views at all times as they communicate and interact with their clients. This data plays a vital role in their management decisions and strategies to stay with the current trends in the market. A snap with many views automatically shows how your message has reached out to the people. If generated views are less, it should not cause alarm or panic but should be like a wake up call to the advertising, customer care teams, and all relevant organs in an institution.

First, it helps you determine if the success of the advert is being translated in the product sales on the ground. Are the products moving fast after the advert of not? You are able to determine if you will hold the passed message to the public or you will recall it and rebrand it over again.

You can determine which times are better to post snaps over videos to get to reach many targeted groups you aim at. You can be posting the right content but at weird times that people are not logged in. Instead of you changing the time, you may conclude that the advert is bad or not effective because of the limited snapchat views.

How DJs Increase Your Soundcloud Followers

In recent times, any new song or music goes viral and reach intended fans when remixed and played by the DJs. The love for nonstop music by many music listeners has pushed them always to go for DJ mixes contrary to single music that is boring without musical effects. How can this be to your advantage to gain more SoundCloud followers? On creating a SoundCloud profile, give permission under the track description for the DJ’s to remix your sounds in their deejaying. Through their activities, you get more likes directed to your profile which translates to more followers.

You will get shout-outs and mentions in between their mixes, and you will be recognized at any instance your track is included in their mix tapes. The listeners who love that DJ will automatically become your listeners especially if the track was a hit in the mix. They will go ahead to seek you profile and listen to the track alone over and over. The traffic directed to this page will be translated in the likes and the number of followers on a daily basis. Sit back and let the deejays help you gain more SoundCloud followers with a lot of ease in an unconscious manner.


Followers can see the people they follow by simply clicking “Following” on their profile or home page. If they don’t want to follow or see tweets from a certain person, they can also go to this page. And if they want to follow a new user, they have four ways to do that. They can follow using the web, they can follow via SMS or text messaging, they can follow using the mobile web, and they can follow using an application that they can download on Google Play for androids and itunes for iOs.

They can follow using the web by simply clicking the user’s name or navigating through the user’s profile. They can click the “Follow” button that is located next to the user’s profile photo. They can also click the “Follow” button next to WHO TO FOLLOW suggestions.

To follow via SMS or text messaging, the user can send a text message with the words Follow_username to Twitter to start following someone who is using mobile phones. The user will then received a confirmation code stating that they are now following that certain person.

To follow via mobile web, the user can type this link on the mobile web browser Or if the user knows the username of the person he or she is trying to follow, the user can type it this way and click “Follow” button.

To follow via an application, the user just need to navigate other user’s profile or search. Once they’ve seen the other user’s profile, Twitter Followers can simply tap the “Follow” button on the user’s profile page.